Beaches of La Trinité-sur-Mer, Carnac and the surroundings

Taking strolls and sea bathing on la Trinité-sur-Mer beaches and around

Leave the little shops and sailing boats of la Trinité-sur-Mer harbour behind you and reach the fine sandy beaches. You will enjoy them at high tide for a long bath and at low tide for shore fishing!

Explore the east-facing beaches of Port Biren, Men Allen and Kerbihan.

If you feel the urge, the coastal hiking paths are just a few meters away: go on an easy 1h30 stroll along the ocean, feel the breeze, watch the birds and have a look at some marvellous seaside houses.

Two main beaches for a successful stay in our campsite in Morbihan

Improve your tan or enjoy beach games with the kids on our two main fine sandy beaches with safe shallow waters: Kervillen and Men-Du. They are right at the boarder with Carnac seaside resort.

Note: During the summer school holidays of July and August, leave your car in Kervilor and hop on the Trinibus! This free shuttle, running every day, connects the campsite with the main sites of la Trinité-sur-Mer (marina, beaches...)