Practical information for the heated pool complex of our campsite in Morbihan

A daily opening to enjoy as much as possible your stay in our campsite in La Trinité-sur-Mer

In order to enjoy your stay in our campsite in Morbihan, our pool complex is open 7 days a week from the time the campsite opens until its closure, following these hours:

  • Indoor pool: from April 1st to October 2nd 2022, between 10.30AM to 7PM (low season) and between 9.30AM to 8.30PM (July and August)
  • Outdoor pool and waterslides: from the beginning of May (depending on weather), following the same hours as the indoor pool

Some practical information for a good stay in Kervilor campsite in La Trinité-sur-Mer

Here are some additional information about our pool complex and its rules:

  • Hand band must be worn in the pool complex in July and August (and in the campsite)
  • The entrance has a safety lock and it is the only access to the pool complex
  • Rules and regulations regarding safety are posted up at the entrance of the pool
  • In July and August, 2 pool supervisors contribute to your safety and peace of mind. However, they are not substitutes to parents or guardians: children stay under supervision of their parents/guardians as long as they are in the campsite
  • Trunks and boxers will be authorized (shorts and bermudas will not be allowed)
  • the pool complex is reserved to guests spending at least one night in the campsite. Day visitors will not have access.