Rental mobile homes in Brittany

Whatever your needs are or your budget is, there is an accommodation that corresponds to your wishes:

  • 73 mobile homes that could be rented either weekly or for a short period (1/ 2 nights or 3/ 4 nights)
  • 9 different models, from 1 to 8 people and from 2 to 4 bedrooms
  • A delimited plot of approximately 100 m² where you can easily park your vehicle
  • Well equipped mobile homes, without any extra charge, including a television, a garden furniture with a charcoal barbecue *, and heating in each room for your comfort and make your stay even more pleasant (*not available for the Eva and Océane types)
  • A raised decking, with a canopy or not, to maximize your area except for the 1/ 4 people models
  • useful services for your comfort and that will make your stay even more pleasant:
    • rents of bed linen, high chair and cot
    • loans of baby bath
    • cleaning package...
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