Walking or cycling, come and discover La Trinité-Sur-Mer which has so much to offer.

The landscaped campsite at Kervilor is only a mile away from the pleasant harbour of La Trinité-sur-Mer, well-known for its numerous boat and yacht races. You will also find many interesting shops, bars, restaurants and pavement cafés, where you can sit and watch the world goes by.

There are several beaches close to La Trinié-sur-Mer and in July and August a regular free shuttle runs from Kervilor campsite to the harbour and the main beaches.

You can also walk and explore the ancient megaliths at Carnac, and see the largest collection of prehistoric standing stones, or menhirs, in the world. Carnac also has lovely beaches that can be reached along the coastol path by foot or cycle.

Public transport is available in La Trinité-sur-Mer and the surroundings towns, such as Vannes or Auray, but why not try the Tire-bouchon, a tourist train that runs in the summer months, between Auray and Quiberon. The added bonus of the train is that it beats the traffic jams along the busy Quiberon peninsula!

By road or mountain bike, it is the ideal means of transport during summertime especially. You will stay away from traffic jam and park easily!