Weather & tides in La Trinité-sur-Mer and the surroundings

A mild and sunny weather for a nice stay in our 4-star campsite in Morbihan

Benefiting from a temperate oceanic climate, Morbihan, and more specifically the Gulf of Morbihan, enjoys its own micro-climate in comparison to the rest of Brittany.

Its geographical position, proximity to the sea and its low altitude give mild temperatures and a low range of temperatures throughout the year. With over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, South of Morbihan is the sunniest part of Brittany. The usually mediterranean-based plants you can find here give the best testimony to that microclimate.

Discovering the Breton coast and its tides

Another phenomenon might surprise you if this is your first stay in Brittany: the tides. Four times a day, the slow rythm of the ocean cradles life on the coast.

Bathers who do not wish to walk hundreds of meters pray for the incoming tide, while those who prefer to sunbathe or go shore fishing will rather wait for the it to recede and uncover the fine sandy beaches.

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